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Atom defines a <link> element with the following attributes:

A de-referenceable URI which is the target of the link.
The link relation. This defines the meaning of the link. E.g. 'related' points to related content. 'alternate' always points to a human-readable version of the content. New link relations can be defined using URIs. See
Indicates the MIME type of the content.
An optional human-readable title. Can be used to disambiguate links with the same rel type.
An indication of the content length.

Totallyradio uses links for the following purposes:

See below
Related feeds, e.g. the episodes feed for a show. Arguably this could use the "down" relation instead.
rel=logo or icon
See Images


Enclosures are our most important use of links, as this is the way we embed audio into our feeds. A typical audio link looks like this:

  <link href="" type="audio/mpeg" 
        rel="enclosure" title="The Daily Show from"/>


  • The type attribute is used to determine the media type of the file. If we wanted to add AAC, we would add another link with type="audio/aac" and let clients decide which one to use.
  • The title attribute means that if a link carries some context if it is removed from its entry

We could also use the length attribute although we don't at present.