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This is an overview of metadata services available from broadcasters. The feeds referred to here contain radio and television data.

Channel 4

Site: http://developer.channel4.com/ (requires registration)

The Channel 4 API uses similar concepts to Radioconnected: Atom feeds, interlinking, standards-based.

They use no external standards, only Atom.

The information architecture allows access using A-Z, categories, brands (such as Hollyoaks), and EPG access.

Metadata for all Channel 4 programmes ever broadcast are available from this API, including links to the website and 4 on Demand.


The BBC maintains various metadata services. The simplest to access is http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/developers

This allows access to the BBC metadata in JSON, XML, and RDF.

This gives a wide variety of formats for developers but is not standards-based beyond the use of XML etc.

In additon the BBC offers a B2B Atom feed which in some cases contains more detail than the /programmes service. This makes use of Media RSS as well as Atom.


Site: http://metabroadcast.com/

Metabroadcast offer a service named Atlas which aggregates metadata from UK broadcasters into a single feed, which is then supplied in JSON format.

The choice of JSON was to make adoption easier. Their data model has become quite complex however.