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GeoRSS was designed as a lightweight, community driven way to extend existing feeds with geographic information so that applications can request, aggregate, share and map geographically tagged feeds.

Currently there are two encoding of GeoRSS, Simple and Geographic Markup Language (GML).

is a lightweight format for developers and users can quickly and easily add to theri existing feeds with little effort. It supports basic geometries (point, line, box. polygon) and covers the typical use cases when encoding locations.
is a formal GML Application Profile, and supports a greater variety of features , notably coordinate reference systems other than latitude/longitude.

Use of GeoRSS

We use GeoRSS-simple to represent the geographical location of a radio station. We use the point element to locate the station. We also use the featureName element to name the station, so processors only need to examine the geoRSS data.

In future, we may use the polygon element to define the coverage of the station. In the absence of this element the coverage should be considered to be global.

More Information

[World Geodetic System]