Live vs on-demand

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In the context of internet radio, live means that you connect to a station and receive their current output. It is based on the model of broadcast radio.

On-demand means that the user can select an episode from a menu of recent episodes or search results. The episode is not necessarily being broadcast at the time it is listened to. The same episode can be listened to multiple times.

A radio station can offer both kinds of experience by broadcasting live streams and making selected content available on-demand.

Most of the discussion on this site, at present, relates to on-demand internet radio as this is our field and the focus of our project.

We hope that others will add to this site and make the principles of radioconnected work for live streams as well.

When publishing a live stream, real-time events become more important. So it would be possible to offer an Atom feed as part of the live streaming service, containing information about tracks being played, people and places being mentioned, and so on, to add another channel enhancing the listening experience.