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XML namespace:

Media RSS is an extension of RSS used for syndicating multimedia files such as audio, video and images in RSS feeds. Designed by Yahoo! and the Media RSS community, it adds several enhancements to RSS enclosures. Like GeoRSS it can be embedded in Atom entries as well as RSS items.

The basic intent of Media RSS is to provide technical data about audio enclosures above what is available in a standard feed.

Our main use of Media RSS is to take advantage of the unique elements it defines.

At present the only field we use is <media:description> as a short description for use in contexts where the standard description is too long.

Other fields that are of interest (i.e. do not exist in standard Atom) are:

Rating/adult-oriented content flags may be required for totallyradio.
If a number of different-sized icons are required, this might be a way to present them.
Radioplayer adds a <player> tag to their input RSS feed. <media:player> is a standards-based alternative which could be used to generate Radioplayer RSS feeds.

Another way to use Media RSS would be to generate fields from standard fields it duplicates. E.g. <atom:category> elements could be used to populate the <media:keywords> element. This would only be useful if a consumer of the feed required Media RSS.

Another aspect of Media RSS is that it contains structural elements, allowing grouping and nesting of content. We prefer the simple approach of one Atom entry containing a single radio episode (albeit then composed of individual tracks) so have not used this feature.


 <entry xmlns="" xmlns:media="">
    <category term="totallyradio" scheme=""/>
    <category term="the-daily-show" scheme=""/>
    <category term="the-daily-show-20120904" scheme=""/>
    <title>Title changed</title>
    <summary>A lengthy description of today's show
    <media:description>A short description</media:description>