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Totallyradio has three main entities: stations, shows and episodes, each of which has one or more associated feeds.

The feeds are interlinked, which means it is possible to start at a known feed and then navigate to other related feeds using the link elements.

Entities at all levels have common elements. The Atom spec defines these but in terms of totallyradio they are used as follows:

The title element is used to represent the title of the entity (station, show or episode).
In a feed header subtitle is used, in an entry summary is used, to describe the entity.
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In stations and shows, this is set to the date of the most recently updated episode. In episodes this is the same as the published date, unless the episode has been edited since publication.


See Station elements

Represents a radio station. This is the highest-level object. Typically there is only one radio station, totallyradio. However the possibility exists for adding another, for example Juice On Demand.

GeoRSS is used to locate the station.


See Show elements

Represents a radio show within a station.


See Episode elements

Represents an individual episode of a radio show. Episodes may be broadcast daily, weekly etc.

The published date is used to identify the date an episode was made available to the public. This will be less than or equal to the updated element.


This gives us three types of feed, defined by the entity they contain: stations, shows and episodes.

These feeds are available at three levels.

At the top (Stations) level, three feeds are available:

All stations in the system
All shows, for all stations
All episodes, for all stations and shows

At the next (Shows) level, two feeds are available for each station:

All shows for the selected station
All episodes for the selected station

At the bottom (Episodes) level, one feeds is available for each show:

All episodes for the selected show