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Atom defines a general-purpose <category> element with the following attributes:

A string that identifies the category to which the entry or feed belongs.
An optional URI identifying a categorization scheme.
An optional human-readable label.


The category element is used to identify totallyradio records in various ways. The following schemes are used:
Identifies which station an entity belongs to.
Identifies which show an entity belongs to.
Identifies an episode.
The above categories are also used as a web-safe ID for URL generation. For example, if an episode entry contains the following categories:
    <category scheme="" term="86480"/>
    <category label="the daily show" scheme="" term="the-daily-show"/>
    <category label="totallyradio" scheme="" term="totallyradio"/>
then a client can generate a web-safe URI /totallyradio/the-daily-show/86480. Likewise the corresponding show would have a URI /totallyradio/the-daily-show.
Marks an entity as belonging to a specific genre, which is a controlled vocabulary specific to totallyradio.
One or more keywords or tags, this is an open vocabulary entered by totallyradio editors.